Dec 5, 2016

Nestle To Reduce Sugar in Chocolate By Coming Up with Faster-Dissolving Sugar

Nestle looks to meet their commitment to reducing the amount of sugar in their products with a scientific breakthrough where they've managed structure sugar differently so that it dissolves faster.

The practical result of faster-dissolving sugar is that you taste more sweetness on your tongue so that even if less sugar is used it still feels just as sweet.

While details are sparse at the moment, it looks like they've somehow gotten sugar to form into spheres rather than the normal crystals (even powdered sugar is just small fragments of sugar crystals).

According to Nestle, the faster-dissolving sugar could result in up to a 40% reduction of sugar in their candy products. They're currently patenting their findings and plans to use the sugar across their range of confectioneries in 2018 and thereafter.

More details and the first reduced sugar candy are expected to come next year.

Photo via Nestle.

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