Dec 11, 2016

Pizza Hut Singapore's Christmas Cheesy Bites Pizza Comes Sprinkled with Red and Green Breadcrumbs

Pizza Hut Singapore's new festive Cheesy Bites Santa Supreme features Cheesy Bites sprinkled with red and green parmesan-flavored breadcrumbs.

In addition to the colorful breadcrumbs, the ornate pizza comes topped with an arrangement of honey-baked turkey ham, turkey bacon, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, pineapples, and a medley of mushrooms. Serving as the centerpiece is a cup of jalapeno cheese sauce.

Most of the Cheesy Bites come filled with either melted cheese or cheese-filled sausages but one mystery Bite comes filled with chocolate for the lucky (?) person who comes across it.

You can also get the same Christmas-themed Cheesy Bites as part of a less Christmas-y Hawaiian Pizza (topped with chicken ham and pineapple).

Photo via Pizza Hut Singapore.

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