Dec 13, 2017

Taco Bell to Test $1 Cheesy Crunch Melt

Starting in January, Taco Bell will be testing a new value-price item called the "$1 Cheesy Crunch Melt" out in Dayton, Ohio.

The new dish could be considered a mash-up of a quesadilla and a Double Decker Taco as it features a crispy shell (taken from the Mexican Pizza) broken in half and folded inside of a flour tortilla along with layers of three-cheese blend and nacho cheese. In addition to the cheesy layers, the Cheesy Crunch Melt also includes creamy chipotle sauce and a choice of either seasoned beef or shredded chicken.

The $1 Cheesy Crunch Melt will be sold for $1 a piece or as part of a $5 Box, which also includes a Burrito Supreme, a crunchy taco, chips and cheese, and a medium drink.

The test starts on January 4, 2018 and runs through January 24, 2018.

As shown in the picture, it will come double wrapped in foil similar to the chain's $1 Mini Quesadillas.

I had the chance to try this and it's very much like a quesadilla with seasoned beef but with the welcomed addition of the airier crispiness of the underused Mexican pizza shell (I still mourn the discontinued Beef Crunchito).

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