Dec 10, 2017

Review: Krispy Kreme - Gingerbread Glazed Donut

Krispy Kreme's Gingerbread Glazed Donuts feature spiced (with cinnamon and ginger) gingerbread donuts covered in a gingerbread molasses glaze.

They're only available at participating locations on December 12, 2017 but I got an early batch for review courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

These are very much like the Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Donuts that Krispy Kreme was slinging earlier this year. It features mostly the same spiced flavor but minus the pumpkin. The holiday spices felt a little mellower than in the pumpkin version. Like actual gingerbread (at least that I've come across), there wasn't a pronounced ginger flavor to the donuts.

The glaze imparts a light brown sugar note to the donuts but isn't quite enough to deliver the distinct molasses sweetness of gingerbread.

Beyond the spiced flavor and touch of brown sugar, you get all the soft, fluffy goodness of a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut. And, like the Original Glazed, the flavors really sing when you get a fresh one or pop one in the microwave from 6 to 8 seconds.

When it comes down to it, Krispy Kreme's Gingerbread Glazed Donuts don't quite hit the mark insofar as the gingerbread portion goes but still make for a very tasty spiced version of their signature donuts.

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