Nov 2, 2018

Reptar Bars Return for the Holidays in Dinosaur Form at FYE

The candy bars that turn your tongue green, Reptar Bars, are back exclusively at FYE this holiday season and now come in the shape of a 6.5" tall Reptar dinosaur.

The Deluxe Reptar Chocolate Bar weighs in at 6 ounces and features "green frosting filled caramel milk chocolate with peanut crunch." It comes in holiday-themed packaging and will cost you $14.99 each.

FYE is also offering the exclusive Reptar on Ice Bar, which is like the Reptar Bar they put out last year but with a blue frosting filling (rather than green). You can get a five pack of 1.75-oz bars for $19.99.

You can find both products at FYE stores as well as the chain's online store.

Photo via FYE.

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