Nov 6, 2018

Starbucks' 2018 Holiday Food Menu Includes New Sugarplum Cheese Danish

Starbucks' 2018 holiday food menu features a trio of new menu items, including the Sugarplum Cheese Danish, as well as a number of returning favorites.

The Sugarplum Cheese Danish ($3.15) features croissant dough topped with cream cheese filling and spiced sugar plum spread.

Also new are the Chocolate Swirl Brioche and Pistachio Honey Croissant.

The Chocolate Swirl Brioche ($2.95 in my area) consists of a brioche rolled with a dark, fudge-like chocolate filling and a bit of cinnamon. It's then glazed with a drizzle of honey syrup.

The Pistachio Honey Croissant ($3.25) takes a buttery croissant and tops it off with pistachios and a honey glaze.

The new items are joined by the following returning holiday items;

- Gingerbread Loaf
- Penguin Cake Pop
- Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop
- Snowman Cookie
- Cranberry Bliss Bar
- Carved Ham & Swiss Breakfast Sandwich
- Holiday Turkey Panini

Photo via Starbucks.

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