Nov 9, 2018

Review: Lean Cuisine - Mango Chicken with Coconut Rice

Lean Cuisine's Mango Chicken with Coconut Rice features white meat chicken, edamame, red bell peppers, white rice, and toasted coconut with a sweet and spicy mango sauce.

A 9-oz box cost me $1.67 on sale.

According to the box, this dish is meant to offer the "flavors of San Francisco." It seems to be inspired by Thai cuisine although I've never seen Mango Chicken on the menu at a Thai restaurant (although a quick Internet search does reveal a number of recipes for it).

The chicken had some nice grilled marks for visual effect but they didn't contribute any extra flavor or texture. The chicken itself was a little overcooked and a bit firm as a result.

The mango sauce was sweet but not overly so. It was fairly spicy with a tangy but vague fruitiness that wasn't distinctly mango but could have been.

The rice lacked flavor and tasted like water. A little bit of salt might have gone a long way here. There wasn't any stickiness to it and you generally want your rice to be at least a little sticky. I think the edamame, red bell peppers, and the coconut were supposed to add flavor to the rice but the edamame and peppers were overly soft and too mild in flavor, while the coconut offered a nice aroma but didn't go further than that.

Overall, Lean Cuisine's Mango Chicken with Coconut Rice turned out just okay. The sauce was nice enough but the chicken was just average and the rice was poor.

Nutritional Info - Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken with Coconut Rice (255g)
Calories - 330 (from Fat - 50)
Fat - 6g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 620mg
Carbs - 50g (Sugar - 14g)
Protein - 19g

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