Dec 12, 2018

Chobani Debuts New Gimmes Yogurt Line for Kids

Chobani replaces their Chobani Kids line with the new Gimmes line of various Greek yogurt snacks. The selling point is that the new line features less sugar and twice the protein versus leading kids' brand alternatives.

Here's the launch line-up for Chobani Gimmies:

- Crunch (the Gimmies version of Chobani Flip [yogurt with crunchy toppings]) - Poppin' Cotton Candy, Choco Chunk Cookie Dunk, Best Birthday Ever, Ooey Gooey S'More, and Rainbow Sprinkle Cone.

- Milkshakes - (4-oz bottles of drinkable yogurt) Bizzy Buzzy Strawberry, Cookies & Cream Crush, and Chillin' Mint Chocolate.

- Tubes (low-fat yogurt in portable 1.5-oz tubes): Super Berry Rocket, Creamy Orange Dreamy, and Cherry Set Go.

- Pouches (low-fat yogurt in portable 3.5-oz pouches) - See Ya Later Strawberry and Bunch of Bouncy Grape.

The suggested prices for Gimmies are $1.25 per 4-oz cup of Crunch, $4.29 for a 10-pack of Tubes, $4.49 for a six-pack of Milkshakes, and $4.49 for a four-pack of Pouches.

Photo via Chobani.

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