Dec 3, 2018

Subway Offers New Christmas Sub with All The Trimmings in the UK

Subway offers a new Christmas-themed sub over in the UK that features turkey with all the trimmings--cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy.

Specifically, the Christmas Cracker Sub includes sliced turkey, bacon, cranberry & orange chutney, pork & sage stuffing, and gravy on your choice of bread. It is also available as a wrap.

If you're wondering what a "Christmas cracker" is, it's actually a cardboard tube that's filled with a prize and wrapped up to look like a festive large candy and not some sort of holiday saltine. The name seems to play on the sub's tube-like shape and holiday theme.

The chain is also offering the new Chocolate & Orange Cookie and Gingerbread Latte for the season. The cookie capitalizes on the popularity of Terry's Chocolate Oranges in the UK around this time of year.

While Subway once featured a turkey and cranberry sub here in the US, they've never done one with stuffing or gravy.

Photo via Subway UK.

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