Dec 4, 2018

Review: Wendy's - Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich

Wendy's Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich features your choice of a crispy-fried chicken breast filet along with Swiss cheese, maple glaze, and three strips of applewood-smoked bacon on a toasted croissant bun.

I paid $5.99 for one.

My croissant bun didn't seem very toasted and was slightly cold to the touch. Additionally, it wasn't very croissant-like. It was dense and spongy rather than crisp and flaky although I suppose it was a little buttery. I would have actually have preferred just a regular bun over it.

Beyond the bun, the rest of the sandwich gave a chicken-and-waffles type of flavor. The overriding flavor was seasoned chicken and sweet maple with hints of smoky bacon and creamy Swiss cheese. The maple glaze was overwhelming sweet on its own but only moderately so taken with everything else.

The bacon was crispy but the chicken breading was only lightly so and mostly soft (on previous visits, it's been crunchier).

For the most part, I enjoyed Wendy's Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich as it does the chicken-and-waffle combination well. That being said, the bun was a major letdown and left me wondering if they shouldn't have just went the KFC route with waffles as buns.

Nutritional Info - Wendy's Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich
Calories - 680 (from Fat - 310)
Fat - 34g (Saturated Fat - 14g)
Sodium - 1450mg
Carbs - 57g (Sugar - 10g)
Protein - 38g

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