Dec 1, 2018

Subway Toasts New Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread

Subway offers new Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread as a limited-time bread option for their subs.

The option takes Subway's regular bread roll and slathers on some garlic butter spread, parmesan, and mozzarella before toasting.

Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread is featured in two subs: the Ultimate Meatball Marinara and Ultimate Spicy Italian. The two subs are essentially the regular Meatball Marinara (meatballs and marinara sauce) and Spicy Italian (pepperoni, and Genoa salami) but on the new cheesy garlic bread.

I wonder if they'll let you order the new garlic bread by itself. That might make for a nice snack.

Subway actually offered garlic bread back in 2013 but it was literally bread sprinkled with garlic powder and parsley rather than something that might be included with a plate of pasta.

The cheesy garlic bread offering is available through February 27, 2019.

Photo via Subway.

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