Apr 8, 2019

Baskin-Robbins Introduces New Oreo 'n Caramel Ice Cream

Baskin-Robbins introduces new Oreo 'n Caramel ice cream as the Flavor of the Month for April 2019. They also offer the $1 "Make It Amazing" option for the month.

Oreo 'n Caramel features salty caramel ice cream, Oreo cookie pieces, and a caramel ribbon.

The "Make It Amazing" option is a promotional cone upgrade that lets you switch from a plain waffle cone to a specialty cone and get a dry topping of your choice for a $1 charge.

Finally, Baskin-Robbins roll outs a pair of ice cream cakes for Easter: the Bunny Face Cake and the Speckled Egg Cake.

Photo via Baskin-Robbins.

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