Apr 14, 2019

TGI Fridays Serving Special Game of Thrones Menu in the UK

TGI Fridays gets into the Game of Thrones spirit over in the UK by offering a special themed menu inspired by the show.

While the concept, which they're calling the "Dragon-Slayer Feast," sounds good, the menu is only being offered at select locations and doesn't change much from what's already on the regular menu.

According to Bustle, the dishes on the meat-heavy feast include:

- Tomahawk Dragon-Slayer Steak - A 30-oz, bone-in ribeye steak served with onion rings, mushroom, fries, and Texan toothpicks (slivered onion and jalapenos that are battered and deep-fried). There is also a 30-oz similarly-appointed Tomahawk Steak on the regular menu.

- Dragon Fire Hot Wings - Their hottest wings ever apparently. The wings comes with blue cheese dressing to cool them off. It sounds like a spicier version of their Hot Wings, which also come with a blue cheese dip.

- Bucket of Beast Bones - Ribs and wings smothered in the chain's Legendary Glaze (Jack Daniels sauce), served in a "medieval-style metal bucket." This appears to be the same as their regular menu "Fridays Bucket of Bones."

Here in the US, it doesn't look like TGI Fridays is offering a similar menu but you can get Dragon-Glaze Salmon (at least it mentions dragons, no?) I suppose. While you can't get a tomahawk steak, they do offer a number of steaks and ribs as well as a Bucket of Bones (Wings, ribs, and fries in a metal bucket).

Photo via TGI Fridays UK.

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