Apr 18, 2019

IHOP Debuts New Ultimate Breakfeasts

Giving you an opportunity to sample all their breakfast staples, IHOP debuts new, limited-time Ultimate Breakfeasts.

The limited-time menu includes three options:

- Classic Breakfeast - While they may have given it a new name, this is the same as the chain's regular menu Breakfast Sampler and includes two strips of hickory-smoked bacon, two pork sausage links, two pieces of thick-cut ham, two eggs, hash browns, and two buttermilk pancakes.

- Have It All Breakfeast - Adds two triangles of French toast to the Classic Breakfeast.

- Farmhouse Breakfeast - Takes the Classic Breakfeast and throws in four triangles of toast and two smoked sausage links.

Prices vary but the Classic Breakfeast goes for $13.49 in my area (same price as the Breakfast Sampler), while the Have it All Breakfeast is $14.49 and the Farmhouse Breakfeast is $15.49.

Ultimate Breakfeasts can be found at participating IHOP restaurants nationwide through May 26, 2019.

Photo via IHOP.

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