Apr 2, 2020

Baskin-Robbins Scoops New Cotton Candy Crackle Ice Cream

Baskin-Robbins debuts new Cotton Candy Crackle ice cream as their Flavor of the Month for April 2020. Update 4/21/20: Cotton Candy Crackle is now their "Flavor of the Moment" and will also be featured in May.

The new flavor features cotton candy-flavored ice cream with a cotton candy-flavored ribbon and yellow popping candy pieces.

With Easter coming up, Baskin-Robbins also offers a number of Easter-themed ice cream cakes this month, including the Bunny Face Cake, Bunny Roll Cake, Bunny Stripe Cake, Fluffy Bunny Cake, and Speckled Egg Cake.

Finally, the ice cream shop chain is offering free delivery on orders of $15 or more placed through DoorDash when you use the code, "BASKIN". The free delivery promotion runs through April 6, 2020. Update 4/21/20: Free delivery has been extended to run through May 3, 2020. Additionally, Baskin-Robbins has put out six ice cream-themed backgrounds for Zoom.

Photo via Baskin-Robbins.

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