Apr 30, 2020

IHOP Introduces New Classic Breakfast Sandwich

IHOP adds a fairly traditional breakfast sandwich to the menu for a limited time with the introduction of their Classic Breakfast Sandwich.

Available for takeout or delivery, IHOP's Classic Breakfast Sandwich consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, and American cheese on a grilled brioche bun. It's comparatively cheap as far as IHOP goes at $3.99 in my area.

The next closest thing they offer to a breakfast sandwich on the regular menu is the Create Your Own Melt, which includes scrambled eggs, Swiss and American cheese,and a choice of sliced ham, hickory-smoked bacon, or fire-roasted poblano peppers and onions. It's priced much higher at $12.99 but includes hash browns or two pancakes as a side.

Photo via IHOP.

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