Apr 30, 2020

Review: Little Caesars - Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza

Little Caesars' Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza features a large, round pizza topped with pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and sweet basil and edged with a toasted Asiago-Parmesan crust.

I paid $7 for one.

The new Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza takes the chain's signature Classic Pepperoni Pizza but increases the width of the crust before throwing on some Asiago and Parmesan prior to baking and gives the classic pepperoni and mozzarella-Munster cheese combination a bit more complexity with fresh mozzarella and basil.

There's almost 2-inches of end crust on the pizza which means the topped portion is that much smaller. Fortunately, there's a mostly even layer of crispy and flavorful Asiago and Parmesan to it that made for enjoyable eating. It's slightly dry though and you might feel like getting some sauce for dipping. Beyond that the crust was pretty standard Little Caesars--it's pretty flat with uniform small bubbling and some decent crisping that reheats well in the toaster oven.

The pepperoni and cheese portion received some extra stretch, thickness, and creaminess from the fresh mozzarella and a slight accent from the basil. The underlying pepperoni and sauce were fairly mild so that added richness and basil notes were notable.

Overall, Little Caesars' Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza provides a slightly more premium and tasty twist on the chain's signature pizza. Fresh mozzarella and basil are more common at artisan-type pizzerias rather than a value-priced, major pizza chain but it's a welcomed change for however long it sticks around.

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