Apr 12, 2020

Burger King South Korea Releases New Baby Shark Shrimp Burgers

Burger King South Korea partners with Baby Shark to release new Shark Family Shrimp Burgers. The concept is that the Shark Family caught the shrimp to make the burgers.

The limited-time line features three burgers in all:

- Baby Shark Shrimp Burger - A deep-fried patty filled with shrimp served with lettuce and tartar sauce.

- Mommy Shark Shrimp Burger - A spicy version with jalapenos, tomato, lettuce, and onion.

- Daddy Shark Shrimp Burger - Similar to the Mommy Shark Shrimp Burger but an added flame-grilled beef patty gives it a bit of a surf-and-turf feel.
The popular "Baby Shark" song originated in South Korea as a creation of Pinkfong, a children's education brand. You can watch the Burger King version of the song promoting the new shrimp burgers on their Youtube channel.

Photos via Burger King South Korea.

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