Apr 23, 2020

Wendy's Puts Out New "Feed the Fam" Deals

Wendy's adds a two family meals to the menu as "Feed the Fam" Deals, starting at $10.

For $10, you get two Double Stacks, two Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, and four small fries. Purchased individually, you're looking at $2.99 per Double Stack, $1.69 per Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and $2.19 per fries at my local Wendy's.

At the $15 mark, you can get two Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, two Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers (JBCs), and four small fries for $15. Purchased a la carte at regular menu prices, a Spicy Chicken Sandwich is $5.29, and a JBC is $2.49.

Wendy's also has a deal in their mobile app (may vary) where you can get four Dave's Singles or Spicy Chicken Combos for $20 (expires 6/1/20). The regular menu prices for the combos are $7.99 and $8.29 each.

Photo via Wendy's

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