Aug 23, 2020

Old El Paso Offers Fusion Tacos with New World Taco Kits

Offering a convenient option for making fusion tacos, Old El Paso now offers three new World Taco Kits, each featuring fusion flavors inspired by the Caribbean, Japan, and Korea, respectively.

Each kit includes ten flour tortillas, one seasoning packet, and one sauce packet (you have to supply the meat and toppings). The three varieties include:

- Caribbean Inspired Jerk - With Pineapple Pepper sauce and mild jerk seasoning mix.

- Japanese Inspired Teriyaki - With Honey Soy sauce and mild teriyaki seasoning mix.

- Korean Inspired BBQ - With Sesame Chili Sauce and mild Korean BBQ seasoning mix.

Old El Paso World Taco Kits carry a suggested price of $3.80.

Photo via General Mills.

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