Aug 18, 2020

KFC Canada Offers Plant-Based KFC Sandwiches Permanently

Up north in Canada, KFC now offers the Plant-Based KFC sandwich as a permanent menu item. The move follows a successful test run last year.

The Plant-Based KFC sandwich features a crispy-fried plant-based filet that's meant to taste like chicken made by Lightlife (a brand that can be found in supermarkets here in the US). The filet comes served with lettuce and mayo on a potato bun. A spicy version is also available that switches in spicy mayo in place of regular mayo (the filet remains the same).

The chain is also offering Plant-Based KFC Popcorn for a limited time, while supplies last.

As for the chances of seeing plant-based KFC here in the States, KFC is still in the testing phase for Beyond Fried Chicken.

Photo via KFC Canada.

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