Aug 12, 2020

Review: Del Taco - Mango Burst and Cherry Burst Sprite Poppers

Del Taco's Mango Burst and Cherry Burst Sprite Poppers feature Sprite soda with either mango or cherry-flavored syrup and juice-filled popping boba (a gel-like shell that pops when squeezed).

I paid $1.29 for each 16-oz regular-sized cup.

For the most part, what you get here is the fizzy lemon-lime flavor of Sprite tinged with either mango or cherry flavors. Both added flavors are fairly pleasant. They're more like soda syrup flavors rather than fruit juice flavors so there's not an added tanginess of the respective fruits. Thankfully, the cherry flavor doesn't not taste like cough syrup. The fruit flavor sits on the bottom of the cup with the boba so you'll have to stir it up a little if you want a more uniform flavor.

The popping boba gave a satisfying pop when you pressed. The liquid inside is the same fruit-flavored syrup in the drink and could use a bit more syrup to delivery a bigger "pop" of flavor. They give you a wider straw to suck up the boba. I'm not sure if it's due to the carbonation but I did notice a few occasions where the soda squirted or dribbled out of the straw at the same time as one of the boba balls exited. Just something to watch out for if you're drinking one of these in the car.

When it comes down to it, Del Taco's Mango Burst and Cherry Burst Sprite Poppers provide a nice bit of texture and taste variety to your standard fast food soda-drinking endeavors without costing much more at all.

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