Oct 5, 2021

Domino's Debuts New Oven-Baked Dips

Domino's debuts new Oven-Baked Dips with both sweet and savory options that come paired with their Bread Twists.

Oven-Baked Dips come in three varieties:

Five Cheese Dip & Bread Twists - The Five Cheese Dip features a blend of cheddar, Asiago, Parmesan, American, and pizza cheeses baked with Alfredo sauce. It comes with a choice of either Garlic or Parmesan Bread Twists.

Cheesy Marinara Dip & Bread Twists - Pizza sauce, Alfredo sauce, and pizza cheese baked together. It comes aired with a choice of either Parmesan or Garlic Bread Twists.

Baked Apple Dip & Cinnamon Bread Twists - Baked apples with cinnamon flavor i.e. apple pie filling. It comes with Cinnamon Bread Twists.

The Oven-Baked Dips & Bread Twists are priced at $8.99 at my local Domino's but there's a nationwide $7.99 carryout special for them.

Photo via Domino's.

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