Apr 2, 2022

2022 April Fools' Day Round-up

This year's April Fools' Day day saw a number of fast food chains come up with pranks that they shared on April 1, 2022 via social media. Here's the 2022 April Fools' Day round-up:

- Auntie Anne's - The idea here is that Auntie Anne's hired the Sour Patch Kid as an intern and said intern came up with Sour Patch Kids Pretzels.

- Blaze Pizza took a step on the path towards sustainability: "Introducing "Just Crust" for the crust lovers out there. Each pack contains 6 strips of donated crust. You know, the good stuff!"

- Carl's Jr. teased Western Bacon Cheeseburger-flavored potato chips.

- Charley's joked that they launched new Cheeseshakes.

- Church's Chicken pretended to partner with Edible Arrangements to produce meat-and-fruit arrangements.

- Culver's revealed a curd-themed cabin that you could book on Curdo (like Vrbo but with curds) - "Welcome to The Curd Cabin – the cheesiest new listing in the Northwoods of Wisconsin!"

- Dickey's joked about putting out a pit-smoked tofu sandwich.

- Domino's - It's like a reverse (or literal) pineapple pizza--pineapple topped with mini slices of pizza.

- Firehouse Subs introduced new Sub-Cereals, which includes Cherry Lime-Aid Loops, Hook & Laddo's, and Captain's Corned Beef Crunch. Along with the fake cereals was new Celebration Cookie Coffee Creamer.

- Hardee's whipped up a mock-up of new Hardee's Beer in three flavors: Grape Jelly Biscuit, Strawberry Jam Biscuit, and Honey Butter Biscuit.

Jamba Juice came up with Slow Burn Smoothie, which consists of "Jamba’s own hot sauce blend, red chili paste, jalapenos (seeds included), cayenne peppers, pepper + wasabi boost."

- Jet's Pizza celebrated April Fools' with the Ranch Pizza, which is covered with an even layer of ranch dressing.

- McAlister's Deli - "Step into the future of hydration with the limited edition NFTea! Want in? Contact our April Fools rep today."

- Pizza Hut stayed on-trend with Hut Seltzer in three varieties: Ranch Water, Marinara Splash, and Buffalo Breeze.

- Qdoba - "See the burrito, be the burrito. Now you can look + smell just like your fave QDOBA creation."

- Sonic solicited names for their new pet hedgehog...

- The Habit came up with Ranch Air Freshener.

- Zaxby's joked that they got rid of all their sauces except for ketchup - "Due to popular demand, we only have ketchup now. Get your wings tossed in ketchup, dip your fries in ketchup, put it all over your chicken sandwich. Ketchup!"

- 7-Eleven - It's the Tiny Gulp. You'd need quite a few of the 0.7-oz drinks to actually get a gulp of soda though...

Photos via the mentioned brands' respective social media channels.

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