Apr 6, 2022

Long John Silver's New Swashbockler Beer Only Available at Two Louisville Pubs

Long John Silver's partners with Louisville brewery Shippingport Brewing Company to brew new Swashbockler beer. Unfortunately, if you're looking to try it, the new beer is only currently available on draft at Shippingport Brewery and Sallyforth Taproom in Louisville but may make appearances at beer festivals over the summer.

Long John Silver's Swashbockler is described by the chain as a "beautifully balanced German-style Helles bock beverage with a 6.5% ABV and filled with notes of fresh bread, mild honey, and a hint of lemon rounded out with a slight flavor of Long John Silver's malt vinegar."

It arrives to celebrate the end of the Lenten season. Apparently, bocks have a history of being consumed by Bavarian monks during fasting (such as for Lent) as a source of sustenance.

Photo via Long John Silver's.

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