Aug 25, 2022

Old El Paso's New Tortilla Pockets Look Like Socks

Old El Paso's new Tortilla Pockets look less like pockets and more like socks but function as a burrito-like wrap that doesn't require any folding to hold its contents.

Old El Paso describes the new Tortilla Pockets as "easy-to-hold soft flour tortillas have a sealed bottom for easy filling and less mess."

The concept seems geared towards family with kids or anyone else who may have difficulty rolling or folding a traditional flour tortilla.

You can find Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets at retailers nationwide in a pack of eight pockets or as part of a Tortilla Pockets Kit, which also includes Old El Paso’s Taco Seasoning and Original Taco Sauce. Prices vary but you're looking at around $3 for the 8-pack and $5 for the kit.

Photo via Old El Paso.

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