Aug 15, 2022

Coca-Cola Releases New "Dream-Flavored" Cola

Describing it as a "fantasy flavor is beyond fans' wildest dreams," Coca-Cola releases new Coca-Cola Dreamworld as a limited-edition "dream-flavored" cola that's available for a limited time starting today.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld is the fourth and final flavor of 2022 of the brand's Coca-Cola Creations line. It comes in both regular and Zero Sugar versions. 

Apparently, the Coca-Cola Creations line is meant to appeal to a younger demographic. According to Coca-Coca, "The novelty and get-it-before-its-gone urgency of the limited-edition releases have resonated with young consumers, piquing their curiosity, and bringing them back."

Coca-Cola Dreamworld can be found at retailers nationwide in 10-packs of 7.5-oz cans (for about $6 or $7) and 20-oz bottles (for around $2 to $3).

Photo via Coca-Cola.

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