Aug 24, 2022

McDonald's Singapore Gets Localized Menu with New Laksa Burger and More

McDonald's Singapore features local flavors in their most recent, limited-time menu, which includes the new Laksa Burger and more.

The new Laksa Burger comes in two varieties: the Laksa Delight Prawn Burger and the Laksa Delight Chicken Burger. Both include creamy Laksa sauce, an egg round (like in an Egg McMuffin), and lettuce on a toasted butter bun. Where they differ is the Prawn Burger comes with a crispy-fried shrimp patty and the Chicken Burger comes with a crispy-fried chicken patty.

Laksa is a Southeast Asian noodle soup dish that it popular in Singapore as well as nearby Malaysia and Indonesia. It features a seafood-based, aromatic, coconut milk-laced broth, which seems to be what McDonald's Laksa sauce is going for.

Also featured for a limited-time run are:

- Pulut Hitam Pie - A deep-fried, turnover-style pie filled with purple sticky rice and coconut cream. Pulut hitam is an Indonesian dessert that's basically a purple sticky rice porridge with coconut milk and sugar.

- Teh C Frappe - A creamy tea Frappe topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder. Teh C is basically tea (teh) with evaporated milk (the "C" stands for Carnation brand evaporated milk) and is popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

Photo via McDonald's Singapore.

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