Aug 21, 2022

BurgerFi Releases New Juicy Lucy Burger

BurgerFi releases their own take on the Jucy Lucy burger, which they're calling the "Juicy Lucy," as a new, limited-time menu item.

BurgerFi's Juicy Lucy features two natural Angus beef patties sandwiching a melted layer of white cheddar, American, and pepper jack cheese, topped with sweet tomato relish and signature Fi sauce, on a toasted potato bun.

The Jucy Lucy (also sometimes called the "Juicy Lucy") is a burger who's key attribute is that the burger patty comes stuffed with cheese inside. BurgerFi's version doesn't appear to be stuffed in the same manner. Instead, there looks to be just a fairly thick layer of melted cheese between the two beef patties.

You can find the BurgerFi Juicy Lucy for a limited time through September 19, 2022.

Photo via BurgerFi.

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