Aug 19, 2022

Bonchon Puts Together New Crunchy Chicken Bowl

Bonchon puts together the new Crunchy Chicken Bowl to all their locations across the country as a rice bowl entree.

Bonchon's Crunchy Chicken Bowl features steamed white rice topped with boneless fried chicken pieces, Romaine lettuce, sauteed assorted vegetables, sauteed carrots, and sesame seeds. The bowls also comes with a side of soy sauce or bibimbap ("mixed rice" in Korean) sauce. The boneless fried chicken can come in either Soy Garlic or Spicy flavors.

The Crunchy Chicken Bowl carries a price of $10.95.

Bonchon originally introduced the new bowl in select locations but it was popular enough to merit a chain-wide launch.

Photo via Bonchon.

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