Mar 10, 2023

Domino's Serves Up New American Pie Pizzas in Indonesia

Domino's serves up actual pizza pies with the introduction of new American Pie Pizzas over in Indonesia.

The new pizzas basically feature a deep-dish pizza crust topped with a thick layer of various toppings and then sealed off with a thin layer of dough like a pie. It's finished with a sprinkle of parsley on top.

Domino's American Pie Pizzas come in two varieties: Super Meaty Bolognese and Supreme Cheese.

The Super Meaty Bolognese American Pie Pizza comes filled with meatball, onions, Bolognese sauce, beef crumble, mozzarella, cheese sauce, Rustic sauce, and tomato sauce.

The Supreme Cheese American Pie Pizza comes filled with mozzarella, cheese sauce, corn, macaroni, and beef crumbles.

The pizza pies have been out since last November and are an offshoot of Domino's Cheesy Burst pizza crust, which is a crust option they offer in some countries that basically sees two thin pizza crust sandwiching a layer of cheese between them (a pizza quesadilla if you will) and then topped in typically pizza fashion.

Photos via Domino's Indonesia.

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