Mar 15, 2023

Ferrero Reveals 2023 Spring and Easter Product Line-up

Ferrero offers a number of 2023 spring and Easter-themed, seasonal products.

Here's what you can expect to find on store shelves:

- Butterfinger Llama Themed Minis Basket Filler Pack - Butterfinger Minis in a Llame-themed pack.

- Butterfinger Minis Bag - Butterfinger Minis in spring-themed wrappers and bag.

- Buncha Crunch Theater Box - An Easter-themed box for a theater box of the bite-sized Crunch clusters.

- Crunch Egg - Egg-shaped milk chocolate with crisped rice.

- Crunch Solid Bunny -  Solid milk chocolate with crisped rice in a festive bunny shape.

- Crunch Minis Bag - Crunch Minis covered in festive spring wrappers in a spring-themed bag.

- Ferrero Rocher Easter Milk Hollow Egg -  A hollow egg milk chocolate and hazelnut egg.

- Ferrero Rocher Golden Eggs - Chocolate-covered eggs with a hazelnut and cocoa filling. They're available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate.

- Ferrero Rocher 13-piece Easter Bunny - 13 Ferrero Rocher chocolate candies in a gift box.

- Ferrero Rocher 12-piece Seasonalized Gift Box - A 12-piece festive box of Ferrero Rocher.

- Fannie May Heritage Collection 1-lb Gift Box - The box includes Pixies, Buttercreams, Chocolate Covered Caramels, and Nut Clusters.

- Fannie May Spring Mint Meltaways 1-lb Gift Box - Spring Mint Meltaways that consist of green, pink, and yellow pastel confection wrapped around a mint chocolate center.

- Fannie May 8-piece Cream Eggs Gift Box - Cream eggs feature creamy centers wrapped in chocolate and pastel confection. The 8-piece box includes two Milk Chocolate Vanilla Buttercreams, two Trinidad, one Dark Chocolate Raspberry Buttercream, one Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, one Green May, and one Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut.

- Keebler 10" Crusts - 10'' crusts that are good for two more servings than Keebler's Original 9-inch Ready To Eat Crust.

- Keebler Mini Crusts - Each package of Mini Graham Cracker Ready To Eat Crust includes six individual graham cracker crusts.

- Kinder Bueno Share Size - A festive package that contains four crispy, creamy individually-wrapped milk chocolate bars.

- Kinder Bueno Mini Share Pack - A festive package that contains crispy, creamy individually-wrapped milk chocolate pieces..

- Kinder Easter Bundle - It includes two 6-count Hollow Figures, one bag of Mini Eggs, two bags of Kinder Milk Chocolate-filled figures, and four Kinder Joy Eggs.

- Kinder Joy Easter Egg -A limited-edition Kinder Joy Easter egg containing one of 12 limited edition toys for the Easter season.

- Kinder Joy 6-count Easter Eggs - A 6-pack of Kinder Joy Easter eggs.

- Kinder Joy 4-count Easter Eggs - A 4-pack of Kinder Joy Easter eggs.

- Kinder Chocolate Mini Eggs - Individually-wrapped mini eggs made with milk chocolate with a creamy milky filling.

- Kinder 6-ct Spring Animal Hollow Figures - A pack of six individually-wrapped Kinder Spring Animal Hollow Figures made of milk chocolate with a creamy milky lining.

- Kinder Chocolate Filled Figures - 12 spring-themed, individually-wrapped chocolate figures.

- Mini Nutella Easter Jar - A 1.05-oz mini glass Nutella Jar with light green and yellow lids in festive packaging.

- Raisinets Theater Box - A spring-themed theater box of Raisinets.

- Assorted Chocolate Minis from Butterfinger, Crunch, and Baby Ruth - A 85-piece assorted bag comes with Butterfinger, Crunch, and Baby Ruth Mini chocolates in six festive spring wrappers.

- Tic Tac Fruit Adventure - Flavors include sweet cherry, tangy orange, tart apple, and passion fruit.

Photo via Ferrero.

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