Mar 24, 2023

Pizza Hut Japan Tops New Pizza with All the Cilantro

Pizza Hut Japan tops their latest pizza with a more-than-even layer of fresh cilantro and are calling it the "Too Much Cilantro" Pizza.

Apparently, the new pizza is meant to appeal and generate buzz among the Gen Z demographic as well as people who really like cilantro (a blurb for the pizza reads, "a non-standard amount of cilantro that surprises generation Z and cilantro-lovers").

Underneath the veritable garden of cilantro on top of Pizza Hut Japan's Too Much Cilantro Pizza, there's pizza sauce, shrimp, mozzarella cheese, and yangnyeom sauce (a sweet and spicy sauce that's normally associated with Korean fried chicken).

The Too Much Cilantro Pizza is available now for a limited time through April 9, 2023 in Japan. It only comes in a medium size and is priced starting at 2,500 yen (~$19.16 US).

Photo via Pizza Hut Japan.

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