Mar 15, 2023

Hershey's Introduces New Hershey's Kisses Milklicious

Hershey's introduces new Hershey's Kisses Milklicious candies as a new flavor inspired by chocolate milk.

Hershey's Kisses Milklicious features milk chocolate with a creamy chocolate milk filling. According to Hershey's the new flavor is "creamier and smoother than any Hershey's Kisses candy ever before." The candies come wrapped in a light blue foil wrapper with a pattern featuring cups of chocolate milk.

The new variety is a permanent addition to the Hershey's Kisses line-up and is the only filled Kisses flavor that is available all year-round.

You can find them starting this month in a 9-oz share pack for around $4 to $5 at retailers nationwide.

Photo via Hershey's.

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