May 8, 2023

Butterball Reveals New Hearty Turkey Sausage Links

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links
Butterball reveals new Hearty Turkey Sausage Links as an alternative to pork and/or beef smoked sausages that is meant to offer the same taste and texture but with 70% less fat according to Butterball.

Butterball describes the new turkey sausage links as "butcher-style" (with a "coarse texture") and they come in two flavors: Old World Smoked and Polish Style.

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage are precooked and gluten-free. You can find them in 12-ounce packages of four bun-length links at select retailers now, with a wider launch to come in fall 2023.

Photo via Butterball.

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