May 12, 2023

Sweetgreen Tests New Automated Restaurant with Salad-Making Robot

Sweetgreen automated salad-making test location
Fast casual salad chain Sweetgreen tests a new automated restaurant in Naperville, IL.

The new restaurant features the debut of the Sweetgreen Infinite Kitchen, which includes a salad-making robot with the aim of making salads faster with "more precise portioning and increased accuracy." The robot handles "dispensing greens and dressing bowls and plates" as well as "dispersing ingredients and mixing salad," while employees at the location add finishing touches such as an herb sprinkle or scoop of avocado.

With much of the salad production being automated, the test locations adds a new "host" job for an employee to greet and interact with customers as well as take orders. Orders can also be placed through self-service kiosks and the Sweetgreens mobile app.

The chain has put out a video of highlighting the new concept, which you can check out below:

The new restaurant is located at 223 South Main Street in Naperville, IL.

Photo via Sweetgreen.

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