May 17, 2023

Jack in the Box Replaces Late Night Munchie Meals with Build Your Own Munchie Meal

Jack in the Box Build Your Own Munchie Meal
Jack in the Box replaces Late Night Munchies Meals with the new Build Your Own Munchie Meal. The change means a number of Late Night Munchies entrees get the ax including the Chick-N-Tater Melt, Spicy Nacho Chicken Sandwich, Sriracha Curly Fry Burger, and Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger.

Rather than designated late-night menu items, the new Build Your Own Munchie Meal draws from the regular menu and includes a choice of one entree (from four choices), a choice of two sides, and a small fountain drink for $10.

Entree choices include: 

  • Ultimate Cheeseburger
  • Jack's Spicy Chicken sandwich
  • Cluck Sandwich
  • Double Jack

Side options include:

  • Two Tacos
  • Onion Rings
  • Halfsie Fries
  • Medium Curly Fries
  • Medium French Fries
Late Night Munches Meals were first introduced at Jack in the Box in 2013 and back then they were $6 each ($4 if you wanted to get the a late-night entree by itself) but the price crept up over the years. The late-night combo meal included a choice of a late-night entree plus two Tacos, Halfsie fries, and a small fountain beverage. The late-night entree choices also changed over the years.

The Build Your Own Munchie Meal entree choices normally cost $7 or more at my local Jack in the Box (which means basically paying $3 or less for two sides and a drink if you buy the combo). If you want to maximize your savings, the Cluck Sandwich ($7.59) with two sides of onion rings ($4.79 each) is the way to go.

Photo via Jack in the Box.

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