May 31, 2023

Review: Burger King - Spider-Verse Sundae

Burger King Spider-Verse Sundae side-view.

Burger King's Spider-Verse Sundae features a cup of vanilla soft serve topped with black and red chocolate popping candies.

I got the sundae for $3.29.

The black and red chocolate popping candies were basically chocolate-covered clusters of popping candies. Rather than a flaky shape, the coating gave them a rounded cluster shape that reminded me of Nerds.

Burger King Spider-Verse Sundae top-view, close-up.

It might be due to the coating, but the chocolate coating didn't really taste like chocolate or much of anything really. It was just a little sweet and felt like a slightly creamy confectionary coating. Inside were popping candies, which offered the expected sweetness, a bit of a crunch, and fizzy popping.

The vanilla soft serve was soft and smooth but still quite cold. There was little melted liquid as I ate but the soft serve was still easy to spoon up. There was the requisite creamy and mild vanilla flavor.

Burger King Spider-Verse Sundae by a spoon close-up.

When it comes down to it, Burger King's Spider-Verse Sundae is really only a sundae in the broadest sense as there's really only one topping and no sauce. Still, the soft serve turned out well and, while the candies were lacking in flavor, they were good for a slightly yielding confectionary coating and crisp popping.

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