May 17, 2023

Review: Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels

Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels box

Velveeta x Compartés TrufflVels feature a shell-shaped shell of Compartés white chocolate with a Velveeta cheese center.

A limited-edition box of 5 of the Velveeta truffles costs $24.95 on the Compartés website but I received this courtesy of Velveeta.

Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels inside the box

I initially though that the filling would be white chocolate infused with Velveeta cheese but there was actually just plain Velveeta cheese instead. It was smooth and somewhat gel-like with a creamy American cheese flavor with a bit of cheddar tang to it.

Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels side view

The white chocolate shell was rich, creamy, and smooth. Notably, it was less sweet than typical for white chocolate. Visually, it sported the look of a ridged pasta shell but the creamy orange color of Velveeta cheese.

Velveeta x Compartés TruffVel cross-section

So did the white chocolate and Velveeta cheddar go well together? Well... they go better than I imagine milk or dark chocolate would go with Velveeta. I wouldn't call them complementary but they didn't clash either. It's weird though. I won't be dipping any white chocolate in Velveeta or any other cheese anytime soon. I also don't ever think I'll be in the market for a $5 truffle.

Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels top-down with quarter for size comparison.

That being said, I gave three of the white chocolates to my niece and nephews and they told me the truffles were, "yummy," when asked. One mentioned that the cheese tasted like cheddar. However, when I asked them if they would choose it over a regular Hershey's chocolate, they all said, "No." I should note that they were not warm to the idea of eating chocolate filled with cheese but changed their minds upon seeing the actual chocolates.

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