May 25, 2023

New Hi-Soft Caramels Coming Fall 2023

Bags of Hi-Soft caramel candies.
Morinaga America, Inc., producer of Hi-Chew, adds caramel to their line-up with the upcoming launch of new Hi-Soft in fall 2023.

Hi-Soft is a new salted caramel chew that the company describes as "a sweet, velvety treat that is rich in flavor with a balanced hint of salt." While Hi-Soft is new to the US, it's been available for some time in Japan as caramel candies were one of Morinaga's first products (the candy company has been around since 1899).

Starting in fall of 2023, you'll be able to find Hi-Soft at select retailers across the US. Hi-Soft will be available in 3-oz peg bags for a suggested price of $3.59 and 10.59-oz stand-up pouch for a suggested price of $7.69

Photo via Morinaga America, Inc.

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