Jun 9, 2010

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Hong Kong - McCafe Cappuccino

McCafe Hong Kong Cappuccino
The McCafe at the McDonald's I went to in Hong Kong had a separate more cafe-like counter from the rest of the McDonald's. And, as I found out late one night, it keeps different hours than the McDonald's (which stayed open 24 hours like Denny's or IHOP).

While the counters were separate, the two counters still shared the same seating, so it wasn't as fancy as some other McCafes in other countries.  Still, with more of a sit-down culture, the Cappuccino I ordered was served in a simple, white, wide-mouthed coffee cup complete with a stylized chocolate powder "M" on top of the foamed milk.  A bit more impressive than we're used to at McDonald's no?

So how did they make such a neat "M" on my coffee?  With a metal "M" cutout as seen here:
McCafe Hong Kong - making the
The price was fairly comparable to the U.S. at 18 HK ($2.31 US).

The taste of the coffee was a little better than a cappuccino at McDonald's U.S.  I chalk it up to a separately trained barista (who only works the McCafe counter) and manual steaming of the milk which resulted in finer milk foam (The espresso itself is still automatically made by machine).  Overall, the experience was quite a bit more satisfying due to the presentation and little things.

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