Jun 26, 2010

Review: Capriotti's - Capastrami Sandwich

Capriotti's Capastrami Sandwich
I tried Capriotti's (a chain with locations in 11 states) upon a recommendation by a friend who said it was really good and she liked it better than Langer's. Gasping at her heresy and questioning her mental sanity, I nonetheless tried Capriotti's Capastrami Sandwich which uses roughly the same formula as Langer's and features hot pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, russian dressing, and cole slaw on a submarine roll.

The Capastrami is one of their signature sub complete with a trademarked name and is available in three sizes: a 9" small for $7.50, a 12" medium for $8.50, or, for the competitive food eater in you, a 20" large for $12.50. I shared a medium and it was fairly hefty, enough for two people which is pretty good value in my book.
Half of a medium Capriotti's Capastrami Sandwich
Interesting, Capriotti's turkey and roast beef are made in-house. I can only take this to mean that their pastrami is sourced from somewhere else. Not a good sign.
Capriotti's Capastrami Sandwich cross section
The pastrami was sliced thin, but not too thin as to lose the texture. Sadly, the pastrami was not very tender and was a tad overshadowed by the cole slaw and Russian dressing. I would have preferred a thicker, crustier roll then the one provided.

Ultimately, though, the problem with the sandwich was that the cole slaw and the Russian dressing were fairly mellow and, while creamy, simply did not mesh well with the pastrami. While I'm sure I would have liked it better had I never been to Langer's, you can't put the genie back in the bottle.

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