Jun 19, 2010

Local Review: Tokyo Grill - Chicken Bowl - Montebello Mall

Tokyo Grill
There seems to be quite a few Tokyo Grills around the U.S. but they don't seem to be related. The Tokyo Grill I went to was located in a mall and featured meat grilled in front of you as you ordered.  A Teriyaki Chicken Bowl will run you $4.99.

A Chicken Bowl comes with rice, a bed of cabbage, broccoli, chicken, and optional teriyaki sauce.
Tokyo Grill Chicken Bowl
The chicken is cut into small pieces before grilling which might make it cook faster but also increases the chance of it drying out.  My chicken fell somewhere in between dry and juicy which isn't great.  The teriyaki sauce lacked depth and was generally uninspiring.  It was slightly sweet but a bit bland.

I liked the vegetables which were generally unseasoned and not overcooked.

Overall, Tokyo Grill's Chicken Bowl was not bad but not great either.  For $4.99 in a mall, it'd do the job for satisfying your stomach rumblings.

Tokyo Grill
1624 Montebello Town Center
Montebello, CA 90640-2161
(323) 887-7626

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