Jun 10, 2010

Review: The Coffee Bean - Ultimate Caramel Ice Blended

The Coffee Bean Ultimate Caramel Ice Blended
The Coffee Bean's Ultimate Caramel Ice Blended is new to The Coffee Bean menu this summer and features buttery caramel, blended with coffee, non-fat milk, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. Yes, in Coffee Bean speak, "Ultimate" means chocolate-covered espresso beans. A 16-ounce "regular" cup will set you back $3.95.

Having tried both McDonald's and Starbucks' caramel-flavored ice-blended coffee drinks (in multiples even!), I have to say, The Coffee Bean just does it better. It's not as overly sweet (as McDonald's) and while caramel is still the main flavor it doesn't beat you over the head with it (like both McDonald's and Starbucks). The coffee also provides a nice balance to the sweet caramel.  It's also nice and creamy, landing somewhere between Starbucks and McDonald's in that department (which is strange to me since they use non-fat milk).

Little bits of chocolate-covered espresso add extra coffee flavor without bitterness, but some might not like the graininess.  With summer now in full session, Coffee Bean's Ultimate Caramel Ice Blended provides the perfect occasional refreshment for caramel coffee lovers.

Nutritional Info - (16 fl oz) - limited information available.
Calories - 593
Saturated Fat - 16
Sodium - 486
Carbs - 102

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