Jun 2, 2010

News: Philly's Best - $5 Hoagies All Summer

This one's for my southern California readers: Perhaps to pry away some customers from Subway, Philly's Best is offering $5 Hoagies for the whole summer (i.e. for the months of June, July, and August).  They're calling it the "Five Dollar Endless Summer Hoagie Jam.

I've tried their Italian Hoagie before and it is super great!  They give you a good amount of Boar Head's deli meats (you know... the good stuff!) on an Amoroso roll (for those Philly fans). The available $5 Hoagies are the American, Italian, Cheese, Tuna, Ham, or Turkey Hoagies.

Details: At participating locations only. Excludes cheesesteak and chicken cheesesteak hoagies.

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