Jun 12, 2010

Review: Ono Hawaiian BBQ - Chicken Katsu Plate

One Hawaiian BBQ's Chicken Katsu Plate features two chicken cutlets breaded with Japanese panko bread crumbs and deep-fried until crispy. The chicken is served on a bed of steamed cabbage with two scoops of steamed white rice and a scoop of my favorite macaroni salad on the side. I can usually make two meals out of one plate which costs $6.49.

Whenever I get a hankering for Hawaiian BBQ, Ono is my go-to spot due to a combination of proximity, taste, and price.  Plus, have I mentioned I really like their macaroni salad?
You get a lot of  chicken and it is usually pretty fresh and juicy. The panko breading is nice and crispy. Ono's katsu sauce is a sweet and tangy sauce that like a less salty, more tart teriyaki sauce.

The steamed cabbage is pretty neutral and provides fairly good nutritional value.

I did find out that the Chicken Katsu is not very good the next day. The chicken and breading gets very chewy, which is only fun if you're a dog.

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