Jun 1, 2010

Buffet of Buffets: Carnival World Buffet

Part Two of a Four - Carnival World Buffet - Rio.

For second dinner, we sprinted (literally) over to the Carnival World Buffet at Rio to make it before closing.  Have you tried running through a smoky casino?  I don't recommend it.  My lungs were burning.
The Carnival World Buffet (not to be mistaken with the more popular and more expensive Village Seafood Buffet) provided even more variety than Planet Hollywood's buffet with more made-to-order stations.

Unfortunately, since we got to the buffet just before closing (the buffet continues to serve food 30 minutes after closing before they start to clean up), we didn't get a fair sample of the food and all of the made-to-order stations had shutdown for the night.  Add to the fact that we had already had dinner and  I might try the Rio Carnival World Buffet again just to make sure.

Nonetheless, here are my thoughts and pictures.
One of the more notable features not offered at the other buffets I tried, was the gelato station.  I was not in a dessert mood having already eaten but it looked very good.
Like every other buffet, there's a carving station that serves prime rib.  The Rio also had ham and pork loin on this night.  It was all a bit overcooked or dry though.
Mashed potatoes, ribs, and assorted vegetables.  The veggies weren't as good as Planet Hollywood's Spice Market Buffet.
Sushi and chopsticks.
Deep fried stuff.  Hush puppies, onion rings, and shrimp.  There was also fish and chips, taquitos, wings.  Basically, all sorts of deep-fried foods.
Crab legs?  Check.
Plenty of pasta with various sauces in case you want to make your own.
All the pizza that was left for the night.  You're better off with Domino's or Pizza Hut.
Instead of having your server bring you any alcoholic beverages you want, they actually have a full bar inside the buffet.
Just a small sample of some of the dishes available.  Apparently, there are over 300 different dishes.
Besides egg rolls and samosas, there was also various dim sum and even BBQ pork.  I'm not a fan of dim sum at buffets, the dishes tend to dry out very quickly since they sit there uncovered.

Among the made-to-order stations, some notables ones were the pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) station, and the stir-fry or teppanyaki station where you can have the chef fry you up some noodles.

Good for:  Gelato.  The most variety and selection of any buffet I visited.  Quite a few breaded and fried items if you're in to that.  Quite a few made to order stations.
But:  The food was just "okay" but we did go right before closing.  Really, the only reason to go to a buffet right before closing is either you're famished and need food or you already paid for it.

Hours & Prices
Breakfast: 8am-11am; Monday-Friday -  $14.99
Lunch: 11am-3:30pm; Monday-Friday - $16.99
Champagne Brunch: 8am - 3:30pm; Saturday & Sunday - $23.99
Dinner: 3:30pm-10pm; Nightly - $23.99

Children 4-8 (3 & under free):
Breakfast & lunch - $4 off adult price
Dinner and brunch - $7 off adult price