Jun 21, 2010

Review: Popeyes - Wicked Chicken

Popeyes Wicked Chicken with mashed potatoes and biscuit
Popeyes' Wicked Chicken is a limited-time, slightly different, thinner take on their Louisiana Tenders. Basically, they are long, thin strips of battered chicken breast meat. You'll notice that my particular order is a bit smaller than the advertised box and comes with Mashed Potatoes instead of Cajun Fries.

Nonetheless, the price was still $3.99 for Wicked Chicken, a side (the default is Cajun Fries, but you can substitute a side of your choice), and a biscuit. You can add a regular drink for an additional $1. The promotion compares quite well to KFC's $5 Big Crunch Box.

You might expect something called "Wicked Chicken" to be spicy, but it was not particularly spicy. The name probably comes from how the chicken strips tend to curl or twist during frying. With the thinness of the strips, I was surprised that they were actually juicy inside. The batter was crisp, but not crunchy, and while the chicken was seasoned, it was done sparingly and the strips provide a happy medium for dipping in sauces.
Popeyes Wicked Chicken
Unlike Ryan from Grubgrade who got 16 strips in a box, I only got 9 strips in a smaller tray (I have a suspicion that my local Popeyes might not carry small boxes) and didn't get a mini-bottle of Tabasco (I forgot to ask and they didn't offer). I did ask for some hot sauce though, so I wasn't too disappointed.

While I was reasonably sad at getting "only" 9 strips (only because Ryan got 16!), Popeyes' Wicked Chicken "box" still makes for a satisfying meal and not a bad deal for four dollars (I rhymed there. Aren't I talented? Pointing out that a four-year-old can rhyme just as well will not endear you to me).

Popeyes Restaurant Locations

Sorry, no nutritional information available. I contacted Popeyes but was told they don't publish nutritional information for limited-time items.


  1. That's interesting. I'd stayed away from them because - while I really like Popeyes - I couldn't see any way they WOULDN't be dried out. They certainly look that way. To read that they're not makes me wonder if I should try them.

  2. I really need to get the Wicked Chicken again to see if I get the motherload again or get what the masses are receiving...which is roughly 7-9 pcs. Nice review!

  3. This had to be one of the most VARIABLE foods from a chain ever, amirite?

    Grubgrade gets two boxes in one, you get no Cajun fries, 50-50 on the mini-Tabasco. (I gauge from the other online reviews.)

    This makes me even more adamant to try it at my corner of the U.S. (Cuz I don't think anybody is where I'm from.)

  4. @PulledPorker: I thought that same and was surprised.

    @Ryan: Thanks!

    @TheWarden: Haha, well I could have got Cajun fries but I like Popeyes' mashed potatoes better.

  5. I had these as well and was severely disappointed, altho I did get the shockingly small tobasco bottle and my order had at least 15 pieces,for $6.99 + taxes- I live in Ontario Canada- it was not worth it.


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