Jun 28, 2010

Review: KFC - Extra Crispy Strips

KFC Extra Crispy Strips in the box
KFC's new Extra Crispy Strips are, as far as I can remember, mostly the same as the old Crispy Chicken Strips before they discontinued them in lieu of the Original Recipe Strips (which, in turn, have been discontinued in favor of the new Extra Crispy Chicken Strips. What's old is new again, huh?). I purchased them in a $5 Big Crunch Box which includes three Extra Crispy Strips, Potato Wedges (substitutable for whatever side you like), a KFC Biscuit, and a medium drink.

KFC's Extra Crispy Strips are sizable strips of white meat chicken breast, marinated and double-breaded for added crunch.
KFC Extra Crispy Strip close up
The breading is suitably crispy and tastes like it was seasoned mostly with salt and black pepper. I noticed the taste of black pepper a fair bit. The strips are slightly on the salty side. While suitable for dipping, they are also seasoned enough to enjoy on their own. I didn't try any of the new sauces because the drive-thru operator didn't offer and I forgot to ask. Doh!
KFC Extra Crispy Strip cross section
Some of the strips were nice and plump, but others were a bit skinny so your mileage may vary (We bought two boxes and shared, in case you were wondering about the math). They were all fairly juicy though. Overall, I consider KFC's Extra Crispy Strips to be a welcome replacement for the Original Recipe Strips which were too strongly seasoned for dipping.

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Nutritional Info - KFC Extra Crispy Strips - 3 strips (152g)
Calories - 380 (from Fat - 200)
Fat - 22g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 720mg
Carbs - 12g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 33g


  1. It did not. It was more crispy than crunchy.

  2. Does it crunch loudly like on the commercial?

  3. I love KFC and will give this a try but the breading here seems a little skimpy. Have you tried Popeyes tenders? I was hoping these would be comparable to Popeyes' in terms of breading thickness/crunchiness.

  4. I have tried Popeyes' tenders. I think I like them better; they're more neutral, slightly less salty, and might have a little more breading.

  5. I went to KFC to purchase the extra crispy strips and the employee I ordered it from slipped by telling me that they only have one kind of strip and that they just throw the same strips in the extra crispy box. So, this is just a sales pitch to increase sells.

  6. That's probably true. It's probably the same strip they have always used in certain sandwiches and in the Twister, but now you can actually buy it by itself again. What really happened is they stopped selling the Original Recipe strips.


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