Jul 15, 2010

News: KFC - Free Doublicious to Two-Timing Employees

Free Doublicious to Two-Timing Employees
Looks like KFC is working the grindstone trying to build up buzz for the new Doublicious sandwich. In an interesting promotion, they are offering a free Doublicious sandwich to the first ten competitor employees who visit their local KFC on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, wearing their work uniforms of course.

Of course, if said employees happen to lose their jobs, they can alway apply for Sandwich Amnesty (i.e. a job at KFC).


  1. KFC is begging for every pest control firm employee to descend upon their outlets even though they will not receive a freebie.

    But, perhaps, if mega-thousands showed up I wonder if they ordered "to go" if their meal may end up actually being a freebie?

  2. That's just such a bizarre promotion...


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